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General Employment Permits – Simplified and Explained

General Employment Permits: Explained.

In order to apply for an Employment Permit, an employer must meet certain criteria and set guidelines. Figuring out which permit is suitable can be challenging, but that is where our expertise comes in.

Almost all jobs are deemed eligible for a General Employment Permit, excluding those outlined on the Critical Skills Occupations List, and of course, roles listed in the Ineligible List of Occupations – for which there are no exceptions.

When seeking a General Employment Permit, employers must comply with certain conditions, such as the the 50/50 rule, minimum annual remuneration, registration with Revenue and the mandatory Labour Market Needs Test, except in certain circumstances where some of these criteria may be waived.

The Labour Market Needs Test

The Labour Market Needs Test (LMNT) is designed to test the market to see if there is sufficient demand for the role being advertised both in Ireland and in EU Member States.

The LMNT consists of the following:

  • A published job advertisement for a period of 28 days on the Department of Social Protection ( – which also broadcasts to EURES) prior to an application submission. This advertisement must not be edited within 28 days prior to application submission.
  • A published job advertisement in a National Newspaper.
  • A published job advertisement in a Local Newspaper or an additional online jobs portal.

In addition, the advertisement must align with the regulations set out in the Employment Permits Act 2006 (as amended) and must include the following key information:

  • A clear description of the role and type of employment
  • The employer’s name
  • The minimum annual salary
  • The proposed location of the role in question
  • The number of hours of work per week

The prospective candidate must also meet standard criteria such as having the necessary qualifications and experience to fulfill the job requirements.

Now that you have read General Employment Permits: Explained. We hope you have a better understanding of how this process works.

We facilitate and manage the this process from end to end as part of our service offering.

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