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The information on this website is presented in general terms and may not be applicable to specific situations. Work Permit Solutions cannot guarantee that the information is current or free of errors, and are not responsible for any loss or liability resulting from the use of the information provided. In case of any discrepancies, the official version of the information should be considered accurate. The content on this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Relying on this information is solely at your own risk and discretion, and Work Permit Solutions does not warrant uninterrupted availability of the site. The information may be updated or changed at any time without notice.

Terms and Conditions

Clients of Work Permit Solutions Ltd are expected to provide complete and accurate information for their applications, along with all necessary documentation. Any delays or changes in eligibility due to a client’s failure to provide information or documentation, or changes in immigration law or policy, are not the responsibility of Work Permit Solutions. Work Permit Solutions has no control over decisions made by government bodies, immigration authorities or potential delays. Additional information may be requested from clients at any time to facilitate the decision-making process. Clients will be considered part of the company upon payment of relevant fees for contracted services. Work Permit Solutions shall not be responsible for applications where a third party is involved or if an application is subcontracted. Work Permit Solutions will personally handle your case and keep you updated on its progress in a timely manner as part of our managed service.

Consultation Booking

When scheduling a consultation, whether by phone or in-person, certain personal details will be collected. These details can be sent to you or deleted at your request by emailing [email protected]

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The website’s content is for informational purposes only and shall not be construed as legal advice. Work Permit Solutions does not guarantee that the information is up to date or error-free, and we are not liable for any loss, liability, or reliance on this information. Some information on this site comes from the Department of Justice, and the copyright of same is acknowledged. The re-use of such information is for guidance only and aims to help visitors understand the Irish Immigration system.